Assistance with Parameter Sheet

When you export or transfer your products or technology, you need to check Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act.  You should prepare parameter sheet abiding by the Act.  When you make a parameter sheet, you should go through the specification of your technologies and/or products thoroughly and should classify them exactly.


When classifing, the specification of the product and/or technoloty is important.  Exporters should check specifications of all parts even though they do not manufacture, design or develop them. 


We persist to visually check clients' technologies and products so that we can understand them thoroughly. 


Finetech Offices of Law has a lot of experience on consultation on tehchnology.  We also continually learn pertinent acts and orders.  We are proud that we can provide high quality service on parameter sheet.

Information on Parameter Sheet

Parameter sheet is necessary whenever invoice is needed.  To classify your commodity exactly, you should check thoroughly the specification of technologies and products.  Concerned act and orders are the Foreign Exchenage and Foreign Trade Act, Export Trade Control Order, Foreign Exchange Order and Ordinance of the Ministry Specifing the Goods and the Technologies.  Reading through these act and orders might be labour-intensive because  knowledge on the law and technology is required to read through.


Export Trade Control Order is very important when you classify, and terms used in this order is unique.  For example, GPS is mentioned as "electromagnetic wave receivers for global navigation satellite systems".


Finetech Offices of Law has sharp perspective on the law and technology, and gives clients exct advice.

For more Information

See Japanese government site.


Outline of Japanese export control (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry);


Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act (Ministry of Justice, Japan);


Export Trade Control Order (Ministry of Justice, Japan);