Consultation on Reexport US-origins

When you reexport US-origins from Japan, you have to comply with an American regulation, the Export Administration Regulation.  Finetech Offices of Law is a very unique office which provides services not only on Japanese law but also on US law.

What's EAR?

EAR is one of the US export regulations, which comes under the charge of the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS).  EAR regulates not only export from the US but also reexport from countries other than the US.  Violators have to pay penalty even though they are not the US residents.

Items subject to the EAR

  • US-origins in the US and other countries
  • Foreign products which incorporate US-origins more than "de minimus level"
  • Direct products

Commodity Classifications

Classifying your commodity correctly is essential for the export control process. 


Sharp perspective on technology is needed to classify correctly.  Finetech Offices of Law has a lot of experience on this area and knowledge on cutting-edge technologies.   


In case you incorporate US origins in Japan and assemble with Japanese products, then you also need to check Japanese export control regulations.  Finetech is a very unique office which can consult on Japanese law and the US law.