Registration for New Technology Information System (NETIS)

New Technology Information System (NETIS) is a database owned by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.  NETIS shares cutting-edge technologies applicable to construction with the private sector.  Technologies registered to NETIS will be disclosed in the database so the information and evaluation on the technology will be available to all sectors.


Once registered to NETIS, the technology will be on the list of public works of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and local governments.


Finetech Offices of Law has a lot of experience on NETIS registration and has a excellent knowhow on this area.

Registeration Procedure

To register to NETIS, you should fill out four different forms.  To fill out the form No.2, brief overview of the technology is needed.  The hardest point lays in the form No.4 in which you should define the technology breakthrough and the conventional technology.  This is a labor-intesive task because you have to hold meetings with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport many times.  We can support you to fill out these forms and assist meetings with the Ministry.